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Ms. Wooldridge, Principal
Mrs. Sullivan, Assistant Principal


      Michele Wooldridge       
Honored Principal of 
Hannah Marie Brown Elementary School


My "kids"
Bryce and Cheryl 


Huge VGK Fan

Principal's Welcome

My name is Michele Wooldridge and I am extremely honored to be the Principal of Hannah Marie Brown Elementary School.  I have been a building Principal for fifteen years and loved every minute of it.  I believe in developing the whole child academically and through socio-emotional learning opportunities.  Opening this incredible community based school has been a dream come true. 


Last year was full of exciting "firsts". Our first staff, our first student body, our first students to sit in the desks, our first Bear Jamboree and first students to check out books from the library--just to name a few!  This year is going to be even more exciting and impactful as we dig deeper into each child's academic and socio-emotional levels, while progressing through each grade level's curriculum and standards.  We are excited to hit the ground running to grow, nurture and empower our students.  There will be more new traditions as we build our legacy and return to a sense of normalcy for our community, including the return of parent volunteers (who are so critical in achieving our goals) and field trips.   

As we continue to build the foundation of our school, we will maintain our focus on the five learning mindsets: 

*Create a safe, kind environment where everyone belongs and the whole child is developed.

*All students engage in rigorous academic work that is relevant, culturally

responsive, developmentally appropriate and innovative.  

*All stakeholders feel a sense of value for effort and growth as they progress through

a differentiated curriculum.

*All hands on deck!  Family engagement and communication are critical in the HMB ES community.

*Have fun, smile and be a kid!

In closing, I'd like to share a phrase that will become a very important phrase for our staff and stakeholders: 


Watch what we do to see what we believe. 


This is a promise that all of our actions will reflect a love of children and a passion for teaching and learning.  Thank you for being a partner with us in your child's educational journey.


Yours in education, 

Michele Wooldridge

Assistant Principal's

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