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Parent Volunteers

*We are super excited to have classroom volunteers again!  All volunteers must receive the CCSD Volunteer Badge before volunteering or being a chaperone at HMB ES (even one time).  If you would like to become a CCSD/HMB ES Volunteer, follow the links on the front page of our website to start the process, which takes 4-5 weeks to complete.   

Daily Schedules

*Sneak peek at our day:

  • 6:30 am - Safekey opens in the MPR (register with the City of Henderson before attending)

  • 7:45 am - Front Office opens

  • 8:35 am - Gates open for students to enter the blacktop.  Kindergarten and self contained classes drop off in the front of the school. Grades 1-5 should enter the blacktop from Drawback St., the bus lane or Chapata Dr.   Morning drop off can be done via the drop off car line on Drawback St. or at various places around the school.  

  • 8:50 am - Line up bell rings, students line up to meet their teacher

  • 9:00 am - Instructional day begins

  • 3:11 pm - Dismissal bell; instructional day ends   NOTE:  There is NOT a carline for after school dismissal/pickup.  Parents and family members must walk to the gate to pick up their student.  

  • 3:11 pm - 6:00 pm - After school Safekey in the MPR

  • 3:45 pm - Front Office closes


Traffic and Parking Info

*Plan your travel route and after school plans before the school day.  Review the Traffic and Parking Diagram to look at traffic patterns and flow to ensure everyone is safe.  Where will you meet your student afterschool (if you are meeting them at dismissal)?  How will your student get home?  Who will they walk with?  DOES YOUR STUDENT AND THEIR TEACHER KNOW THE PLAN?  NOTE:  kindergarten and self contained classes always drop off and pick up from the front of the school.

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